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Wholesale Motorcycles
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Chinese Wholesale

Our manufactured power sports Chinese ATV, Chinese motorcycles, Chinese scooters, Chinese dirt bikes, Chinese quads and Chinese mopeds products which are manufactured in china for our clients worldwide. We are committed in providing the highest level of service and vehicle manufacturing to our customers worldwide. Our staff members work with each and every individual customer closely to establish a long term business relationship with them. We are here to provide you with the best and top most only service possible in the industry today.

After over 14 years in the manufacturing industry we have learned what the customer wants and needs in the power sports Chinese motorcycle, Chinese scooter, Chinese dirt bike, Chinese quad and Chinese moped industry. Our factories each have high tech testing areas to make sure that each vehicle comes with no manufacture defects.

We would like to invite you to make and appointment and visit our manufacturing plant in mainland china. You will experience a great deal of knowledge from seeing our great production capability. .

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Chinese Dune Buggies FGS-DBG700 Chinese Scooters Factory, FGS-MP150-11C Made in China dirt bikes, Chinese wholesale dirt bike, FGS-DBI-SD450L01
Price: Distributors only or VIP members! Click Here.
Price: Distributors only or VIP members! Click Here.
Price: Distributors only or VIP members! Click Here.

Wholesale Scooters and Mopeds

Wholesale Mopeds & Scooters are a big business these days due to high gas prices in the market. Many of our clients are doing very well with this product because of the low cost of transportation back and forth from work & home and simply getting around the neighborhood. We use a high grade Taiwanese company to make our frames which also makes frames for Kymco, SYM, YMT and others. The frames and engines are made with robot arms to speed up & give more precision to our production. Tranz Group limited can produce up to 10,000 scooters a month.

Chinese ATV and Quads

Our Chinese ATV & Quads are selling very well worldwide. Our quality standards for our made in China ATV & quads are very high and our dealers are comparing them to Polaris, Honda, Yamaha & more famous brands. Each Chinese ATV is hand built and inspected to meet perfection. Dealers have profited with them worldwide from 100% - 400% profits on many of our models. Our frames are constructed of steel and are very durable & strong, so even the harshest maneuvering and jumping will cause no damage to them. We offer a very good warranty which can be found in our warranty section online. Tranz Group Limited can produce up to 8,000 made in china ATV & Quad units per month.

China Motorcycles

Chinese motorcycles today are considered a high quality and low costing product which makes it a necessity for people all over the world today. Our factory of Chinese motorcycles is made with advanced testing technology and is in competition with many famous brands like: Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and more. Our manufacture designs each motorcycle to perfection and steadiness. Our Chinese wholesale motorcycles are built to last for generations to come. We have many production line facilities for assembly so we are able to take on high volume production to meet up to 9000 units per month just from our manufactured motorcycles. We will be glad to answer an questions you may have about our products.

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